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Joey Prather, Exec Producer 

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In the late 90s, if you walked into any Guitar Center or any local music store in America, you'd hear it. That beat. That terrible terrible beat. Standard Rock Drumbeat 1a, with varying degrees of forgettable funk thrown in. I began to hate

Through his pictures, award-winning photographer Danny Wilcox Frazier provides a much-needed window into the often misunderstood American heartland. Frazier documents the lives of his fellow Midwesterners—their struggles and joys, their choices and their fates—as their towns and lifestyles undergo transformation. Scout

At Scout we spend our days listening to, analyzing, and compiling music - and it never gets old. When it comes down to it, Joey and I are just two lifelong music nerds. So, we want to share our passion &

Patrick Sweany's "Every Night, Every Day" is as hot as a fresh brewed cup of black coffee. Peet's 50th Anniversary Campaign Celebrates Making Craft Coffee Before It Was Cool In honor of 50 years in business, Peet's Coffee & Tea is establishing

In spite of booming growth, Peet's Coffee keeps things small and handcrafted. We maintain the same mentality at Scout. Check out the write up Ad Age did on these holiday spots from Cutwater, featuring original composition from Scout. Peet's Wishes for a Handcrafted